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Hello fellow travelers!

Thank you for being here! My name is Sarah and I am a 25 year old Texas girl with a big love for travel. The Adventure began seven years ago; I had just left my small, Texas town to relocate to the fascinating and diverse city of Charleston, SC and attend the College of Charleston. I had the most amazing time in this beautiful city, I was surrounded by fun and interesting people and my professors were hard working and inspiring. I graduated from college after just three short years with a Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management as well as a Degree in Business Administration.

The following May, exactly one year after my college graduation, I had big plans! I was ready to leave Charleston and start an even bigger adventure, moving to Spain! I created this blog as a way for my family to keep track of my adventures, now I use it primarily as a travel journal and guide to my Airbnb guests.

I am currently back in Houston working as an IT Project Manager. I would love to move back abroad some day and I continue to travel every single chance that I can. I do not know exactly what the future holds, but I am absolutely loving every second of this Great Adventure.

Feel free to follow along with me as the journey unfolds.



Other works of mine: My first blog site http://www.thegreatadventuresite.wordpress.com


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