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Hello fellow travelers!

My name is Sarah and I am a 23 year old from Willis, TX. My life has been a series of exciting events in the last several months so I have started a blog about my adventures so that anyone who wishes to can follow along with me.

The Adventure began five years ago; I had just left my small, Texas town to relocate to the fascinating and diverse city of Charleston, SC and attend the College of Charleston. I had the most amazing time in this beautiful city, I was surrounded by fun and interesting people and my professors were hard working and inspiring. I graduated from college after just three short years with a Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management as well as a Degree in Business Administration.

During the week of my college graduation my life was completely changed when I met a young, funny, collegiate swimmer named Evan Renn. You think you know exactly where your life is going and all of the sudden; love hits you in the face like a fantastic and irresistible wrecking ball. After two weeks of knowing Evan my plans to move home to Texas were completely turned around and I remained in Charleston with Evan. I left the Courtyard Marriott I had been working at for two years and started to work at the elite Country Club of Charleston, Evan and I quickly began living together, and life was blissful.

The following May, exactly one year after my college graduation, Evan and I had big plans! We were ready to leave Charleston and start an even bigger adventure. Evan was hired by the Spanish government to move to Spain to teach English to children. I, of course, was floored by this chance for a new adventure and happily jumped on board to move abroad as well. This is where we find ourselves now, at times the transition is difficult but I am absolutely loving every second of this Great Adventure.

Feel free to follow along with me as the journey unfolds.



Other works of mine: My first blog site http://www.thegreatadventuresite.wordpress.com


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