Guide to Deia, Valledamossa, and Soller/Port de Soller

**This page is currently under construction — here’s what I have to far**


Soller / Port de Soller – Very easy to get to, just take one of the red/yellow buses found under the park near our house, it is about 3Euro/person each way. The bus takes you through the mountain towns of Deia and Valledamossa, and along the beautiful, mountainous coastline. You can also take the antique train to Soller 15Euro per person. The train takes an hour where as the bus takes only 30 minutes. The train is a nice experience but I don’t recommend it for both ways, the bus is easy and a nice ride as well.

The mountain town of Soller is quaint and beautiful, there is a gorgeous church there, but unless it is tourist season there’s not soooo much to do in the city so check it out but then head over to the port. You can get to the port via bus/tram/ or taxi, it has a gorgeous harbour and beach, lots of restaurants, views of the oceans, etc.

Cala Deia – We LOVE Deia! It’s about a 20 minute walk from the city center where the bus drops you off to the beach. The beach has two restaurants and the most spectacular clear water and rock beach. During tourist season the beach is very crowded so Evan and I usually walk along the trail above the beach…this trail leads all the way to Soller along the coast (approx. 4 hour walk to go all the way to Soller). You can stop anywhere along the trail and make your own way down to a beach that looks appeasing to you.

Port de Pollenca – Another favorite place of ours. Port de Pollenca is great, similar to Port de Soller but smaller.