Guide to Pollensa and Cap de Formentor

Guide to Pollensa and Cap de Formentor

Located at the most northern point of Mallorca, Pollensa and Formentor draw many tourists because of their scenic mountains over looking the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. Many cyclists are also drawn to this region because of the strenuous slopes of the terrain make for a great training area.       


Pollensa: The short hike out to a beautiful little beach near Port de Pollensa is a favorite of Evan and myself. The hike is short (30 minute walk) and not very strenuous. The trail takes you between two mountain ridges and eventually leads you to a gorgeous outlook point and down to a small, rocky beach with the brightest turquoise water.

There is not much to see in the actual town of Pollensa, the Port de Pollensa however, is gorgeous. There are cafes all along the marina and great beach space with the same crystal clear, turquoise water. The Port de Pollensa is much smaller and less touristy than its nearby neighbor, Port de Alcudia.

IMG_2326Recommended Mode of Transportation: 

Car – there is a parking lot at the head of the trail and parking is relatively easy to find along the Port de Pollensa

Bus – From Palma, you will most likely have to take the train (metro) to Inca and from there, get a bus to Pollensa. It is about a ten-minute walk from the bus station to the head of the trail.







Cap de Formentor: This is the most northern point of the island. Tourists can summit the peak by car or bicycle to reach the lighthouse and café. I have heard that there is also a bus that runs Port de Pollensa to Cap de Formentor. If you are prone to motion sickness, plan on needing some Dramamine for this trip. From the Cap de Formentor you will have stunning 360-degree views of the island, the Mediterranean and even a glimpse of Menorca off in the distance. Tourists are also entertained by the array of wild goats inhabiting the mountainside. These goats are fearless of heights and usually stand precariously on ledges while trying to get a bit of someone’s meal. The goats are also known to jump onto tables at the café and blatantly steal food from people’s hands, so watch you meal!



Waves of Mountains on the way to Formentor


Land of the Fearless Goats


Lighthouse of Formentore


View from outlook point on the road to Formentor


View from Formentor


Pesty goats on tables


Recommended Mode of Transportation:IMG_6141

Car – Car is the best mode of transportation as bus services are few and far between. I would not recommended walking here because there is no sidewalk and cars and cyclists zoom along the narrow and winding mountain roads.

Bicycle – cyclists love this route, if you are an experienced biker, this will be one of the best experiences of your trip.


As always, if you have more questions shoot me an email or if you’re an AirBnB guests, ask Evan or I in person!

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