Whirlwind Sister Trip to Europe

|| 1 Week | 3 Countries | Countless Memories ||

My sister, Emily, has just finished her first year of college at Texas A&M and her travel bug has been in full effect. She begged me to bring her to Europe and show her around seeing as it has been my home and favorite stomping grounds for the last two years. Despite being insanely busy adjusting back to life in America, renovating and running my new Airbnb, and hot on the job hunt – you all know there is no way I could turn down a new adventure.

This trip did not start as planned, I was in New York city where I was to meet up with my little sister and get on a plane to Rome when I received devastating news that my beloved puppy Dima had gone missing back home in Texas and had not been seen in over 24 hours!! I knew I could not leave the country until he was found and after 12 hours of waiting at the airport, I finally made it on a flight back to Texas. After a heart wrenching two days and nights I found Dima! He had escaped from my dog sitter and run to look for me at my condo and was picked up by a good samaritan who took him to his house in a neighborhood a few miles away, but unfortunately he escaped from their yard and then was lost in a new neighborhood. With Dima being found I was able to fly back to the East Coast to meet up with Emily and continue with our trip!


We flew to Geneva, took a train to Milan, and then continued onward to Hamburg! Nothing was planned beforehand, we planned every day as it came and it turned out to be one of the best trips I have ever had thanks to my wonderful friends around the world and my sister who is a trooper through it all and always up for anything!


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